Tuesday, January 5, 2010

3 Idiots: Sagarika Ghose on a Pathetic Media Stunt, Really Sad

First of all, let me make it clear, I am not a huge fan boy of the movie, 3 Idiots. And I really feel, the  kind of media frenzy surrounding it is pure rubbish. 3 Idiots is a commercial movie which is good. 'Satisfying, not the best', was Rajeev Masand's review of the movie and I think that pretty much sums up all of it. Those who say, 3 Idiots is the greatest movie ever is either totally dumb or haven't seen any movie other than those cheesy bollywood ones.

But the kind of lashing out done by Sagarika Ghose, the much celebrated TV anchor of CNN-IBN, against the movie is totally unwarranted and out of touch with reality. Here are some of her statements about the movie and my opinions about them.

"Three Idiots is slickly made but the message that all higher education sucks and studying is just a waste of time...hmm..a bit dangerous?"
"3 idiots reflects a growing disdain for rigour and hard work..not just in engineering but in other fields. Thats dangerous"
"Guess Dumbing Down is a new mantra? hang loose, follow your heart, throw out the books sing songs..wish life was that easy though!" 
                                                                - Sagarika Ghose via Twitter

Here are some of the things that I infer from the movie,
  • I have seen the movie and never in it I got the all-higher-education-sucks-and-studying-is-just-a-waste of-time message. And I don't think following-your-heart is such a terrible thing to do.
  • Education was meant to instill the spirit of creativity among students and instead, the exact opposite is happening in majority of the cases. We are being nurtured to be like everyone else, to rollover, to play it safe. As Ken Robinson in his TED session clearly puts it, 'School Kills Creativity'. 
  • Movie encourages us to think on what education really meant when it all started and where is it now. And also encourages students to learn things for the sake of really-knowing-things and not for marks and grades.
  • Movie clearly depicts the kind of pressure a kid faces while growing up, from all around, including parents, teachers, society et al. 
  • '3 idiots reflects a growing disdain for rigour and hard work'. If working hard means mugging up everything one need to learn to prop up grades, yes there is a growing disdain against it. Otherwise, this is the kind of statement one would expect from a sad a** religoius leader or a politician and not from a celebrated, always-with-common-people kind of TV anchor, Sagarika Ghose. 
  • Follow your heart. Never run behind jobs and pay checks, instead choose excellence, and the rest will follow. And thats the one liner I got from this movie and I think that is the case with most of us.
How in the world such a talented TV anchor like Sagarika Ghose came to such insanely lame conclusions for this movie?? I seriously feel, all this hype was deliberately created by some PR expert to prop up her ratings. If that is the case, just one word, SAD.

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