Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bal Thackarey and his nephew should just stop talking

So here is it happening again. Bal Thackarey is trying to regain the past glory. Shiv Sena supremo clearly know the eventuality. Since Shiv Sena is based on nothing but hatred, there is no future for it. It's days are numbered. Thats why Shiv Sena needs to breed hatred some way or other. Thats the very essence of its existence.

Raj Thackerey, the very own Bal Thackarey's nephew, invented this novel idea called hatred towards north Indians. And people are flocking to get their share of blood. Shiv Sena is just one among them.

On other hand, Congress Party always love sitting and watching people killing each other. They have done this before, and they are doing it again. Congress knows the fact that, Raj's MNS is eating into the very own Shiv Sena's vote share.

That's good news for Congress, it's called divide and rule policy. And obviously at the cost of human lives, but who cares. People are meant to die like dogs in the street and "leaders" are meant to motivate them to butcher each other and thrive at their behest.

And finally, the latest outcry against the mighty Sachin Tendulkar. When you speak against a super star like Sachin Tendulkar, obviously you get a lot of media attention, thats exactly what Bal Thackarey wants, and that is politics for you.

The funny part is that, When sachin made that "I am an Indian first" statement, what he actually, unintentionally did was, questioning the very relevance of Bal Thackarey band of politics. More interesting is the very statement by Bal Thackarey. He was quoted as saying, "When You speak politics, You rip apart the hearts of Maharashtrians." Rip apart the heart? WTF Come on, we all know what you were talking about. All he meant was that, don't mess with my votebank.

As Shashi Tharoor said, "With Maharashtra for Maharashtrians and Kashmir for Kashmiris, where is India for Indians?"

Lets hope, some day, these south Indians and north Indians and east Indians and west Indians seize to exist and only Indian(or should I call him/her human?) remains. Following is the very picture that comes to my mind when I hear the name Bal Thackarey or VHP or Shiv Sena or Al Qaeda or Terrorism. Common man is suffering, everywhere.

PS: By the way, Shiv Sena is pretty active in Kerala, especially in Trivandrum. That is an interesting if not intriguing piece of news, because this is the same party that led the crusade against south Indians during 1970's in Maharashtra.

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