Saturday, June 20, 2009

Educational System and its Implications in Society

I never seriously thought about the educational system we have in place and it implications in our society, until i recently came to read an editorial in The Hindu. It was about the Pakistan's educational system and the things they taught their kids. Initially i thought it was about the madrasa education, but to my amazement, it was about the official educational system that the Pakistani government prescribes. Look at the excerpt below.

The one that particularly interested me was " India's evil designs aganist Pakistan". What in the world does that mean. Why can't they teach the fact that all Indians no matter what religion or caste they belonged, together fought for the Independence for a unified India or that Jinnah wanted India and Pakistan to come together at a later stage. Why cant they give "Peace" a chance.

Another interesting case is that of the USA. Different pressure groups in that country are trying hard to infuse creationism into science texts, to be taught along with evolution. Essentially what they want to teach kids is that, how earth was created by the almighty God around 6000 years ago!. Come on guys, these religious texts are at best a good code of ethics. How can these bronze age mythologies can be called as truth or as alternative to theory of evolution. (I recommend you guys a documentary film called Jesus Camp. Movie clearly depicts how easy it is to indoctrinate young minds. It was a bit scary to see those small kids absolutely convinced for what they are saying or doing).

Everything boils down to one thing, politics of hate. And these politicians and beurocrats and military dictators, will never realise the simple fact that it is much easier to do good and teach people to respect each other instead of trying to control people using tools like religion or nationalism or whatever. I had always taken our own educational system for granted. It has its own drawbacks though. But it is not that worse either.


  1. i guess its about time the paki kids are exposed to pink floyd..we don't need no education...we don't need no mind control..

  2. Somebody hit me on my head and Asked Why the hell you haven't heard this before,,,,, Nice one rational being..


    Had a thought of going through the Authenticity of the statements,,, not in your Blog, but in HIndu Editorial,,,

    Is this Authentic???

    Well, I don't Believe What all comes in Hindu is Authentic.. :-)

  3. @Calm ill
    Thanks for the comment. Actually the original article in The Hindu is written by a well know Pakistani figure, Pervez Amirali Hoodbhoy. May be you should look at his profile as well.

  4. Well,,,,

    I Inquired some of my Pakistani friends about this,,,,
    but none is heard about this,,, One among told it could be in any Madrassas,,, I pointed that it has specified that its not being taught in Madrassa.. But He didn't agree..

    form my talk vd them What i inferred is Though they dont like Pakistani Educational System, it never contained anything like this...

    But Cant finalize from their Words,,,
    Coz these people may know about their own provinces only and would opine generally,, As if we are not aware What is being taught in other states..

  5. A very good read. Its deeply saddening to see how the wrong message is passed to the young minds and we can only just sit and watch that happen :(

  6. @Par
    Thanks for the comment. How you doing anyways :-).

  7. hey..
    jus cos u wrote a nice article once, you dont need to stop.
    Keep writing man!
    there are ppl waiting to hear from u!

  8. @Par
    I am such a lazy ass. But you are right I do have to write more. Thanks for the comment :-)