Monday, February 16, 2009

Tribute to a Whistle Blower

"The only stable state is
the one in which all men
are equal before law."
- Aristotle

Satyendra Dubey was one of his kind. Born in a poor family in Bihar, young Dubey was the bright son every lower middle class family in India would hope for. Passed out from elite Indian Institute of technology, he was among a few others who decided to stay in his own country. Satyendra Dubey was different from most of us. He does things which most of us wont, like speaking aganist injustice or taking definitive stand aganist corruption. While most of us are frustrated about our corrupt system, what we do aganist it is mere lip service. Satyendra Dubey was not like us, he was a man of substance. And that explains why he got killed. He was simply not fit for our "civil" society.

Whistle blower is someone who is an insider, wanting to expose the rot within the system. Satyendra Dubey did just that. It all happened in 2003. Satyendra Dubey was the project director at NHAI(National highway Authority of India). He was in charge of a section of Golden Quadrilateral highway project, the then Prime Minister's very own dream project. There he found out wide spread corruption at all levels. He tried to inform it to his senior officials, but his voice fell into deaf ears. Nobody took any action at all and he also started getting threats from the construction mafia. But Dubey was fearless and he just wont bog down under any sort of pressure.

He wrote a letter to the, then prime minister of India, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, which had the details about the prevailing corruption in the project. He insisted not to disclose his name. But that was not be heard. Whether the Prime Minister's Office(PMO) did this deliberately or beacuse of the usual carelesness and lethargy, is anybody's guess. But the result was that, the whistle blower's name fell into the very hands that the whistle was blowed aganist. Satyendra Dubey was brutally murdered on Nov 27,2003. There was lot of hue and cry and even some arrests over the years. That's great job in a country like ours. Those who were convicted were petty criminals who probably did this at the behest of some political honchos or corporate hotshots. The big fish is out there and with our present state of affairs, the real criminals will always be beyond the law. So much for the largest "democracy" on earth.

What if Dubey simply decided to leave the country for a high paid job abroad? What if he was not as passionate about his country as he was? He and his family of five sisters and a brother would have been in a better state of life. Atleast he would have been alive. But he chose to be GOOD instead of being "practical". That's called greatness. And that's Satyendra Dubey for you. Tributes to this one of his kind human being.


  1. hey daa,,i can really make out ur frustration on d system.. as it goes, if u try to change d system,d system will change u.. But if each one of us feel this way,we can nt only blow d whistle bt a trumpet

  2. @ jaggu

    the system is so very corrupt that sometimes u feel like, its all lost. damn it. :-)