Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Compiz Fusion..breaking new grounds!

Compiz fusion is a compositing window manager for X window system which uses 3D graphics hardware to create such breathtaking desktop effects which a normal user with a basic hardware configuration can never dream of .If you ask me what was the single most important reason that made me to start using GNU/Linux based OS ,its not the open source philosophy or the overall slickness of GNU/Linux based systems,but compiz fusion(to be fair ;) ). Compiz fusion has always been a cut above the rest.I have been using Ubuntu 7.10 and now ubuntu 8.04 with compiz fusion as my default window manager.All those days i have wondered what they are gonna come up with now.

GOSH!! they came up with something incredible!!Here are a few that i think is worth mentioning.
  • What you are seeing below is a screenshot of a simple shift switcher !!in layman terms this is what a simple alt+tab looks like !!isn't it amazing.
  • Now, that is a desktop :D.From cube to cylinder to sphere.This is how a four workspace desktop looks like with compiz fusion !!
  • the sphere

  • Thats the modified expo plugin(see the curve)
  • Next one is a screensaver plugin.Dont mind the screenshot(its a bit weird i know :D),this one is a real show stopper ;-)

All this works in my system which has a bare basic configuration(512 MB RAM,intel centrino duo processor and an intel on board graphics card) when compared to "vista standards."

PS:GNU/Linux based system is not at all about looks.Its just the outermost part.Its a highly efficient, superficially fast, extremely stable and flexible operating system with a plethora of applications to play with.I had been using it for an year now and i m' loving it ! ;)


  1. Are these plugins in the Ubuntu repositories yet?

  2. Its not yet in the official ubuntu repository.Alternatively you can install new compiz by adding the following repository in your ubuntu.
    deb hardy main

    You can also check this detailed installation process of Compiz 0.7.6